Monadnock Energy Hub

The Monadnock Energy Hub is teaming up with Local Energy Committees (LECs) from Fitzwilliam, Hancock, Peterborough, and Rindge for a multi-town Solarize Monadnock Campaign!

Check out details at the website

Calling all Local Energy Committees – we want to support your endeavors to weatherize, install LED lighting, solarize, and aid in initiatives that will reduce the carbon footprint of your town!

Please contact the HUB by emailing with any and all questions! We can’t wait until we are helping every LEC and interested individual in the Monadnock Region improve the energy efficienty & resiliency of their towns and cities.

Local Energy Solutions website has toolkits to help! Starting up a new Energy Hub? Read up on the Strategic Energy Action Toolkit on how to look back and forward and make your LEC the most efficient it can be! We are here to help you make sense of the information AND help coordinate trainings.

Looking to install renewable energies in your town or city? Check out the Renewable Energy ToolBelt from the Nashua Regional Planning Commission.

Let’s get LECs together to train and brainstorm solutions for the Monadnock Region!



What does the Hub do?

We promote and organize community actions that strengthen the local energy economy during the urgent transition to renewables and we aspire to have our region meet all of its electricity needs with renewable energy by 2030, and all of its heating and transportation needs with renewable energy by 2050.