Community Supported Solar Farmers Project

Community Supported Solar: MSN partnered with the Cheshire County Conservation District (CCCD) to pursue a Community Supported Solar project for local farmers.


  • At the end of 2018, the Thomas W. Haas fund of the NH Charitable Foundation awarded CCCD a grant to reduce the cost to farmers to join the project.
  • From October 2018 to March 2019, we developed a PowerPoint presentation and brochure to spread the word about this initiative to local farmers including this project overview graphic:

  • Three informational sessions were held in March and more than 50 farmers and other interested parties attended. Marketing materials were used during these sessions.
  • In April, MSN focused on finding a host site; two promising locations were identified, while CCCD worked to expand the group of interested farms.
  • MSN determined partnering with ReVision Energy for the installation all
  • owed for better allocation of resources.
  • Sun Moon Farm in Rindge was determined to be the preferred siting location for the CSS project. MSN, CCCD, Sun Moon Farm, and ReVision have met to review ReVision’s proposal, including technical and siting details of the 95 kW PV system as well as financing options.

Next steps for 2019-2020 year include:

  • solidifying our group of farms to commit to the 117.6 MW hours/year of PV energy
  • finalizing financials and getting the new farmers group to formally sign up so that the installation can begin.
  • The goal is to complete the install by the end of 2019 to take advantage of the full 30% tax credit.