Fast Charge Monadnock – Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Projects


The Monadnock Sustainability Network (MSN), previously partners on the Co-op’s rooftop Community Supported Solar project, is working with the Co-op to bring an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging station with a DC Fast Charger to the Co-op expansion.

EVs are an exciting and much needed technological leap in transportation. A year ago, only Teslas and Chevy’s Bolt provided over 200-mile range options now there are nine with more coming fast.

By adding a fast charger, we establish Keene as an oasis in the NH EV charging desert.  Fast chargers are costly, so we are seeking state managed VW funds which require a match so we need you to join us in this ‘Fast Charge Monadnock’ initiative to put Keene on the map for fast charging and opening the door for more EVs.

It’s not just about increased commerce and being on EV apps, we’ll be supporting regional EV drivers that need to recharge quickly between trips. Whatever the reason, a fast charger will change the EV landscape in the Monadnock Region, and let visitors and residents alike know in Keene the future has arrived.

A DC fast charger can provide 80-100% charging for electric vehicles while parked at the Coop in under 30 minutes. There will also be a couple of spaces for Level 2 standard EV charging, which are much slower. And don’t worry the expansion brings extra parking spaces too!

The funds raised for Fast Charge Monadnock will cover the initial project at the Co-op, produce a How To Guide to support others and hopefully many more EV charging stations in region towns.

Our Crowdfunding Donor Page is ready!  You can donate here: Donate Page.