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LEC Start Up Materials

Check out the material from NHSEA on setting up an LEC in your community

Strategic Energy Action Toolkit

Solarize Materials

  • Solarize Toolkit – learn how to put on a Solarize Event in Your Community with the full-service planning toolkit!

Solar Ordinance Guidelines

NH Beneficiary Environmental Mitigation Plan

Link below to the 2018 Mitigation Plan for fund allocation from VW Settlement

VW beneficiary-mitigation-plan

Portfolio Manager

The EPA’s Portfolio Manager can be an important tool for LECs to track energy usage change and to gather a baseline before starting energy saving additions/replacements. This online program is an advanced tool that allows for normalized weather energy usage from year to year and compare energy usage of your town to local towns by building per sq.ft. If you have questions, contact the Hub’s Program Coordinator and/or look at this 3-page getting started brochure from the EPA or check out their training page.

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