Governance Document

Mission Statement

The Monadnock Energy Hub’s (MEH) mission is to pursue effective and achievable initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and improve resilience throughout our communities.



  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Catalyze creation of Local Energy Committees (LEC)
  • Build LEC capacity and serve as a forum for sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Educate our communities about energy policies and practices
  • Strengthen the local energy economy
  • Conduct Solarize / Weatherize campaigns
  • Inspire our region to meet all of its electricity needs with renewable energy by 2030, and all of its heating and transportation needs with renewable energy by 2050.


MEH Members

Members include any and all LECs in the Greater Monadnock Region and other participating nonprofits and entities whose missions align with that of MEH.


MEH is a collaboration of local citizens that welcomes participation and ideas to connect local and regional governments, individuals, institutions, corporations, and all who care about achieving these goals for our region.


MEH Governance

The Monadnock Energy Hub (MEH) was created in January 2018 as a project of the Monadnock Sustainability Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. MEH will be directed by a Steering Committee of 3-5 individuals from participating LECs and/or other member organizations.


MEH Steering Committee Responsibilities

The Steering Committee will work in conjunction with MEH members to carry out its responsibilities. Steering Committee responsibilities include:

  • Develop two-year plan and timeline for MEH
  • Conduct staff hiring process
  • Coordinate funding sources
  • Provide guidance and support to staff hire
  • Ensure MEH goals are addressed by the Hub


MEH Steering Committee Time Commitment and Meeting Schedule

  • During the hiring phase, the Steering Committee will meet at a minimum every other week, either virtually or in person.
  • After hiring phase, the Steering Committee will meet with the staff hire regularly and as needed.
  • Once staff hire is settled and initial MEH project is launched, Steering Committee meetings may occur more infrequently.


Additional Support for MEH and MEH Staff

New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association (NHSEA) and the Local Energy Solutions Work Group (LES) are committed to working with and supporting the MSN Program Coordinator. Our membership is comprised of energy professionals representing the public, private, and non-profit sectors with a wide range of expertise from energy policy and project financing to project management and community organizing. The MSN Program Coordinator can rely on NHSEA and LES for guidance, technical assistance, and opportunities for learning, skill building, and networking.


Get Involved

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