Solarize Monadnock

Solarize Monadnock

Solarize Monadnock is an initiative of the MSHub in conjunction with local energy leaders.

Bringing Solarize to Monadnock Cities and Towns

Since 2019, the Hub has worked with local leaders to run a Solarize campaign in Monadnock towns to promote the installation of solar panels on residential homes and small businesses. Using the Solarize Toolkit supplied by Vital Communities, the Hub and local partners are following an inclusive and tested template for our region.

We look forward to bringing Solarize to all interested Monadnock towns.

This Year’s Campain in Keene & Marlborough Goes Virtual

In 2020, the city of Keene is partnering with the town of Marlborough to bring Solarize Monadnock 2020 to their regions. If you are interested in bringing Solarize to your town, please contact

Learn more about the virtual efforts of Solarize Monadnock 2020 at the website –

Carbon Dioxide Offset from Campaigns

In 2019, the inaugural Solarize Monadnock Campaign included five towns: Hancock, Peterborough, Sharon, Fitzwilliam, and Rindge. The campaign to sign up for an installation ran from the kickoffs in March, 2019 until July, 2019 with installations by the selected installer starting during the campaign.

As of Winter, 2020 the following data was compiled by ReVision Energy for the 2019 Campaign

Completed kW 287
Completed Installations 35
Completed CO2 Offset (lbs) 316,387
Committed kW 33
Committed Installations 3
Committed CO2 Offset (lbs)
Total kW 320
Total Installations 38
Total CO2 Offset (lbs) 351,631