Donations Make things Possible at MSN

Without the generous donations of our members and concerned citizens we could not work toward our mission and goals. Please consider giving to the Monadnock Sustainability Network.

We know that often a particular mission or initiative may hold a special place in people’s hearts. That is why our donation button allows you to choose where your dollars go.

If you like, choose from the follow efforts of MSN.

MSN General Fund – this means that the funds are available as MSN as needed.

MEH General Fund – the Monadnock Energy Hub (MEH) is an active initiative of MSN. If you would like to have your donation go to all HUB activities choose this option.

Solarize Monadnock – MEH has been active in supporting grassroots local volunteers in Monadnock towns put on Solarize campaigns. To focus your donation toward this activity – choose this option.

Community Supported Solar – MSN has been active for years in developing tools to make community supported solar a reality in NH. From the initial project of putting solar panels on the Monadnock Food Co-op to the 2019 campaign to allow farmer’s to benefit from a net metered solar array, MSN leads the way in supporting community solar. If you would like your funds to go specifically toward these projects, choose this option.

Fast Charge Monadnock – Fast Charge Monadnock is a project of the MEH to bring EV fast chargers to the region as well as support LVL 2 charging infrastructure to ensure the region is prepared for the transition to electric vehicles. To have your funds go specifically toward these projects choose this option.

MSN thanks you for your donation and hopes you check back periodically to learn more about how your donations have been turned into actions!