Business Energy Efficiency Rally

Save Money & the Planet – Join BEER!

What is BEER?

  • Formerly the 10% Challenge, the Business Energy Efficiency Rally (BEER) is a voluntary program to encourage local businesses to save on energy expenses and greenhouse gas emissions. BEER provides the inspiration, benchmarks and the information necessary to save on energy costs in the workplace.
  • BEER focuses on best practices, peer to peer sharing, eliminating barriers to action, and encouraging regional solutions to energy savings and efficiencies.

What are the business benefits of BEER?

    • Save money by reducing energy consumption
    • Cut your contribution to climate change
    • Join a network of peers
    • Understand energy savings options and incentives
    • Receive a Toolkit of information including Best Practices and incentives
    • Be recognized for your success
    • Help make the world safer for future generations

How does BEER work?                          

BEER is a course of continuous improvement designed to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency which translates into cost savings and reduced carbon emissions. Each area of energy usage is a stage in the BEE Rally. Your company moves through the stages at your own pace. The BEE Rally course is a continuous loop you can go in any order and loop back freely, like starting with the no and low cost opportunities while planning and implementing bigger opportunities when undertaking relevant purchases such as a vehicle or new roof. The BEE Rally stages covered in the program are:

  • Electricity (lighting, AC, equipment, processes)
  • Heating (building envelope & the system)
  • Water heating (system, piping)
  • Transportation (practices, maintenance, procurement)

The process:

1. Sign up to become a participant in the program. Your participation in BEER starts with a nominal commitment of $50 to support the coaching, advice and networking.

2. Identify a baseline of last year’s energy use enabling you to see what savings your efforts produce.

3. The walk through with an energy efficiency pro will give you suggestions on where to start to save $ and a relative grade of where you stand compared to other buildings. Your grade will be based on the energy usage per square foot of your building and gives you a numerical grade of your relative efficiency and to measure progress.

4. Take actions and keep track of them so they can be measured and compared & shared with others in the Rally.

5. Calculate your savings each year as you continue to improve your energy efficiency. We’ll tabulate your progress and savings at year end.

6. Best practices will be shared along with establishing energy efficiency measures for businesses in New Hampshire. As such, we will use your data – anonymously and in aggregate – within this network and in reports and communications about this program. Your business information will not be revealed unless you specifically approve it.


1. To join the Business Energy Efficiency Rally provide:

Contact/ Company name:



Business Type:

2. Baseline- last year’s energy use.  Please gather your energy bills; we’ll need units (gallons, KWH) of primary energy (oil, propane, electricity) and costs. We’ll identify the square feet of area heated and if applicable any enclosed but unheated (warehouse/ garage) space where electricity is used.

3. The walk through. If there are preferences for days/times for the approximately 1 hour walk through of your business with the energy pro please describe. We’ll respond to arrange your appointment and contribution to start the BEE Rally.

4. Send this information to: with subject line: “Rally Registration”