Ribbon Cutting at Public Works/Keene Ice/Police Station in Keene, NH

Mary Ewell Photovoltaics, Solar Energy, Sustainability

The day might have been a bit cool and rainy but that didn’t stop the new 600+ kW solar panels atop of the building complex from gathering energy or the crowd from gathering to celebrate this renewable accomplishment by the City of Keene.

With opening words by Dan Weeks from ReVision Energy to set the stage of the dedication of the arrays, the mayor, representatives from state representative and congresswoman offices as well as the Monadnock’s Region state senator Jay Kahn all took the stage to speak to the benefits of solar and the pathway to Keene’s commitment to the Sierra Club’s goals of 100% renewable.

The day ended with fun for all as Public Works employees helped attendees into harnesses and raised them to solar panel level to take a bird’s eye view of the roof. It was also a nice view of the local neighborhood and fun to look down at Keene from the cherry picker at its extended height. Thank you Public Works for making that happen – so many attendees took advantage of the opportunity – it brought out the kid in all of us!

Take a look at a collage of pictures from this day to honor the hard work of the Keene City Council, impact investors for the project, ReVision Energy employees, local residents, and Keene employees dedicated to renewable energy!

Staring in Upper LHC in Clockwise rotation: Council Member Terry Clark getting “rigged up” to go up in cherry picker. Ribbon Cutting for Solar Panels. Jay Kahn addresses the attendees. Dan Weeks warms up the crowd. Center: Pat Martin and Marge Shepardson looks out and ways Hello while viewing the solar panels in the cherry picker.