The Monadnock Sustainability Hub stands in solidarity with those working toward social and environmental justice. The Hub recognizes that, as we work toward mitigating climate change and as we work toward the transition to 100% renewable and clean energy, all of us have a moral obligation to do so in a way that remedies past injustices. We are committed to creating a brighter future for all.

Monadnock Sustainability Hub’s Annual Meeting moved from May 6th to October 28th

Due to the Covid19 crisis and our wish to respect our community in these uncertain times, the board has decided to move its Annual Meeting to October 28th.

Monadnock Sustainability Network & the Monadnock Energy Hub are now the Monadnock Sustainability Hub

The Monadnock Sustainability Network and its initiative the Monadnock Energy Hub are merging to become the Monadnock Sustainabilty Hub.

Monadnock Sustainability Hub

We collaborate with people, organizations, and businesses on climate actions and initiatives that strengthen the sustainability and resilience of our region.

MSH endorses Carbon Fee & Dividend

MSH endorses Carbon Fee & Dividend bill as a viable and effective policy solution to global warming.

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